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Art of the Day – Kathe Kollwitz (1867 – 1945)

In the Hands of God-Kollwitz

In 1988, The Milwaukee Art Museum published a small booklet of the small-scale sculpture in their permanent collection.  This is where I fist spotted a relief sculpture by Kathe Kollwitz, a German artist, called: In the Hands of God. (1935)  I was truly taken by this piece and thought I’d share it with you.

Kollwitz mainly drew pictures in black and white, was a relief printmaker and created bronze sculpture.  Most of her work addresses death, despair and poverty.  Although her images are often emotionally unsettling, she captures these human conditions with such raw honestly.

She is definitely an artist worth further exploration.

The images of her work below are arrange in a gallery.  For a closer look, click on an image to enter the gallery.